In September 2023 I travelled again to Cambodia to see my old friends M&P. The purpose was to catch up with progress at a little school we had helped to build, as well as generally loaf around and take some street and seascape photos. Our schools are all located in the area of Batambang province, so we always stay in Batambang before visiting. It's the second largest city in Cambodia, with a long history, and some excellent street food. The markets are always a good place to find the soul of a city, and there are a couple of excellent ones here.

For these shots I used a 12 year old camera, the tiny mirrorless Nikon 1 V3, with a 27mm equivalent lens. This was an amazing piece of technology, which was eventually discontinued by Nikon because the sensor was regarded by the market as too small compared to its competitors. A shame because everything else about the systems - extremely fast and accurate autofocus, tiny size, low weight and excellent lenses, made it quite unique then and now. I thought the system was dead so sold my entire kit. But now the latest AI processing software is able to magic the files produced by the V3 into images as good as anything else I have used for street work, so the system rides again! See what you think, compared perhaps to my earlier Cambodia market shots.

Touch or click any image to go to a lightbox view and then touch the full screen icon in the top right hand corner to get the best viewing experience. And for information on the shot and the location, be sure to click the little 'i' icon