Before the original jetty and lagoon were destroyed by developers, the crab ladies used to wade out to the deeper water in front of the market to bring back the catch from the fishing boats. Now they have been banished to a poorly made crushed rock jetty to the south of the village and the water is too deep to wade out. The crab ladies perch uncomfortably on the jetty to bring in the baskets and sort through them. They don't seem to have lost their sense of humour and they allowed me to photograph them bringing in the catch and then sorting through it with good grace.

Crab is not the only catch, and men and women also forage for fish in the lagoon in front of the restaurants. They employ an interesting method, in which they swat the surface of the water repeatedly, presumably to usher the shoals into nets which they have previously laid. Seeing people standing waist deep in the water hammering the surface is always somehow comforting. The method seems to work, and the fish is delicious.

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